The long and winding road

Across the Universe



Influence your most valuble prospects

Impress your most important customers

Motivate and reward your most loyal staff



Discover your own potential



Extreme Promotion is a new and exiting branch of marketing.

Extreme Promotion makes use of the innovative concept of 'Perception Economy'

whereby initiatives are developed that form the basis of a spectacular increase in

economic productivity.


By experiencing a spectacular adventure, you explore the boundaries of your own

power and potentials.


And you don't just discover your own potential, you also discover the hidden talents

of your employees.


Or enter into an ultimate challenge together with your business partners!

And show them the extremes you go to in your service to them!

The back-to-basic concept shows you how to return to the basics.


You learn to fathom the 'far and wide' of your product, your customers, your company and your markets. Explore your boundaries.

And discover your own potential and that of your company.


Discover hidden talents


A powerful team spirit will grow among your.

A ream spirit that will continue far into their working relationship.

They will learn how to develop their own initiatives within the team, and to value those of their team mates.

As a team, their productivity will reach record highs.

And this effect will linger for a long time to come!

Discover thehidden talents of your employees.


Discover your own power and potential


By experiencing personally what life has to offer, you will learn how to make the most of the opportunities that are met by your company.

You will discover new possibilities, trends, target areas, markets, extremes and products.

Your creativity and enterprising mind will be working at full speed again!

Discover your own potential and that of your company.



Demonstrate the extent of your service



Like a spider in the web, you move among your most valued business relations.

You will convince them of the fact that you can think along with them, in a way that will help them survive in their increasingly competitive market places.

Together with them, you look for ways that will take them to their highest goals.

Discover - together with your customers - the strong bonds of your cooporation.


Explore the possibilities of Extreme Promotion


Extreme Promotion helps you to discover your own potential, and that of your employees, your company, your products, your customers and your markets.
You will discover, of rediscover, your basic targets.
By physically exploring the right route, the right course of action, and the right cooperative ways, you will learn how to apply these techniques in the business world, in order to make right decisions and achieve your goals.
Discover! Experience! Survive! Learn! Win!