The long and winding road

Across the Universe



Monaco special


From one of the world airports, you and your guests fly - by private jet - to Nice, France.

At Nice, you are transferred to helicopters.

You will make a breathtaking air trip along the coast of Monaco, where you will land on the roof of one of Monte Carlo's hotels.

Here you will enjoy a diner, followed by an after-dinner party with introduction of your new products.

You will spend the night in luxury suites. Next morning, you will depart from the harbour of Monte Carlo, to explore the dephts of the Mediterranean - from a submarine!

At the end of this adventure you will return to Nice and fly back to your home country.


Iceland special 


From one of the world airports, you will fly - by private jet - to Reykjavik.

Here, you and your guests are transferred to 4X4 vehicles to explore the wilds of Iceland.

Along the night golfing way, you will meet with numerous challenges, such as trial riding, ice Climbing, mid-night golfing, glacier golfing, a Viking night, a whale safari, and you will relax in the Blue Lagoon.

After this exiting discovery tour you will fly back to your home country.

This special offers a great variety of extreme possibilities.


Finland special 


From one of the world airports, you and your guests fly - by private jet -

to Northern Finland.

You are transferred to shuttles to continue your trip to Lapland.

Here, you will embark on a survival tour, wich includes a number of snow scooter driving tests and driving very fast rally cars. Dinner and spending the night in the famous icehotel.

After these extreme endurance tests, you will fly - safe and sound, and extremely pleased with yourself - back to your home country.



Australia - White shark experience, Coober Pedy

Dubai - 4X4, hovercraft, dune cart, ultra light, camel tour

Miami, Bahamas - Offshore powerboats, Marlin fishing

Moscow - Fly MIG 25 over Moscow, the ultimate speed kick

USA - Route 66, Burning man, Rock camp, Mount Rushmore, Vegas

Curacao - Space travel, Diving

Scotland - Whisky tour 


Many other possibilities upon request!