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Motorsport incentives


Our motorsport incentives offer you many active ideas and exiting places to meet with your employees and business relations.

The programs may cover one full day, or take up a number of days.

You may choose from various competitive elements and you will receive professional guidence by racing drivers and instructors.

The package may be completely tailored around your own wishes, including lunches, diners,  and hotel stays.


Drive a racing car or sports car yourself: Formula 1, Donkervoort, Ferrari, etc.

Drive along with an experience racing driver.

Skid course and driving-proficiency test on the track: Quad, carting, off-the road, ice driving, etc.


Visit Formula 1 races, Ferrari Gallery, Donkervoort factory.


Racing-driver training: Nurburgring, Francorchamp, Rockingham.


3-day course, instructions by experience racing drivers/instructors.

Learn to drive according to the rules of the international FIA, and take the first step towards becoming a racing driver (including licence).



Many other possibilities upon request!